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The 420 Show

The 420 Show Wants To See Your 420 Spot!!!

Do you have the best 420 Spot?? If so, The 420 Show wants to feature it.. AND you on the show. If you think you have a bomb 420 spot, shoot video of you celebrating there. Upload it Instagram and tag it #T420S. If it's as bomb as you say, we'll feature your video in the show. Questions? Email - Teddy@TrichomeStudios.com


Celebrate 420 With a hHealthy Breakfast Of Weedies... And The 420 Show!!!!

Enhance Your 420 Grin With Another Episode of The 420 Show!!!

Welcome to the premier episode of The 420 Show

Pack One Up... Sit Back... And Enjoy The Awesomeness!

420 Show Post IG.png