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Trichome Studios is a diverse collective of people, across multiple industries, who feel passionately about refocusing the lens our society sees cannabis through. For almost 100 years, cannabis has been used as a tool to tell a false story grown from hate. A falsehood so deeply rooted in our American culture is going to take all of us to pull out... We are collaborating with the brightest from cannabis culture: the trailblazers, the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the artists, the influencers, the celebrities, the divergent thinkers to produce content that tells the truth about this amazing plant.

Trichome Studios is relentless in it’s pursuit of stories, concepts and partnerships that paint a modern, positive portrait of cannabis and the cannabis user. Our top tier experience and longstanding relationships with the advertising, entertainment and cannabis industries puts us in a unique position atop this green wave. As more and more brands realize that accepting cannabis is a po$itive decision, we will be at the front of the pack to craft messages that reflect the positive truth about cannabis… a culture that is woven into the very fabric of our country. 


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Teddy Cannon

Teddy Cannon is an entrepreneur who has spent the last 20+ years in popular media. He has proven his strength in media by supervising network television record breakers for NBC, FOX, MTV, Tru TV, Discovery, etc. In addition to media, Teddy's entrepreneurial roots reach into international manufacturing (AxeHugger) and mobile tech (MoonAge).

Teddy's drive is to steer his passion atop the wave of the ever-changing art of media entertainment by actively following where the trends are flowing and producing cutting-edge content that best fits those needs. At the same time Teddy, a proud husband and father of three, has never forgotten the cross-cultural experiences of his early years. With his love of diversity, he aims to connect people of all walks of life through the most powerful mediums of our time.




Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts is an image licensing and marketing entrepreneur. He has been involved in art production and licensing for the last fifteen years as the owner of the Summit Art Licensing Agency. His successful image campaigns in retail include the Burton Supermodel series and the K2 Eldorado Series.

Adam was also the marketing consultant for The Vina Robles Amphitheater as it was being constructed and through it’s initial operating phase. Once operational, Adam became the Director of Sponsorship and VIP sales, creating and implementing the sponsorship program for the 3,300 capacity amphitheater.

A family man and world traveler, Adam is passionate about art and music education and is on a mission to provide the cutting edge of the entertainment experience to the digital world.